Who, exactly, can claim hardship? While defending the idea of ​​postponing the legal retirement age, the Head of State focused in particular on this device which theoretically allows French men and women to put an end to their career earlier than others. What could be more surprising when you know that one out of two people reaching the retirement age is no longer in employment… for health reasons, as recalled by the specialist magazine Santé

In practice, however, it is essential to understand the current functioning of the hardship measures in force before considering any reform. Therefore, a question arises: who can legitimately claim hardship in France?

In practice, informs the official Info-Retraite platform, hardship corresponds to “exposure to one or more occupational risk factors that can leave lasting, identifiable and irreversible traces on health”. “If you are a civil servant or employee of the electricity and gas industries and your job is classified as an active category, you can take early retirement, under conditions”, further specifies the site.

In the private sector, details Ouest-France, six risk factors are recognized. These are:

It is up to the employer to declare the harsh nature of the working conditions of his employee. He does this using the nominative social declaration, which leads to the creation of a professional prevention account for the worker.