Update in the Russia affair, – trump’s Ex-consultant Flynn will be criminal free bleibenFür the President of a Triumph – he sees the process as a proof of his innocence in the Russia affair. The Democrats romp.Hubert Wetzel, Washington19 Kommentare19Der then-president-elect Donald Trump and his Advisor, Michael Flynn, in December 2016.Photo: Reuters

If there is a political Trauma, under the Donald Trump suffers and does not let go of him, then it is the Russia-investigation – the “witch-hunt” or the “bad joke”, as the President has the studies mentioned. For nearly three years, from summer 2016 to spring 2019, are investigated by the FBI, the special investigator Robert Mueller and the Democrats in Congress with great zeal to the question of whether Trump or someone from its environment has helped a Russian secret service in its manipulation and sabotage action against the US presidential election.

Out in the end for this little Duty. But for Trump, the investigation always of the evidence, that left him hostile bureaucrats clique in the judiciary and the security apparatus – the “deep state” – tries to the legitimacy of his electoral victory, to undermine and get him out of the office to push. Even an attempted “coup” has Trump spoken of in connection with the investigations.

Trump triumphed

so it was no Surprise that Trump – and with it the entire right-wing conservative commentators-the universe – has triumphed on Thursday. A Journalist informed the President this afternoon at a press meeting in the White house that the US justice Department would leave the charges against his former security Advisor, Michael Flynn fall.

Flynn, a former Three-star General of the army, was the most prominent and highest-ranking employees Trumps that come to the attention of Mueller, and in the fall of 2017 because of the false statement charged, had been. That the justice back out now, and on a further prosecution wants to abandon, was for the President, therefore, is also a kind of definitive proof of his own innocence. “What you did was a disgrace,” Trump said on Thursday. “And I hope that many people will pay a high price because they were dishonest crooks. You are scum, human scum.”

Now, the case, Flynn is not actually very clear. On the one hand, the former General has not been only of the most unprofessional and suspicious, but also, undoubtedly, be made punishable: Flynn was 2016 one of the foreign policy advisers of the candidate, Trump and led in December of that year, a minimum of a secret telephone conversation with the former Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kisljak.

After only three weeks

Trump had won the election, but has not yet been sworn in as President. Flynn and Kisljak languages relatively concrete terms about the future of American-Russian relations – a highly questionable entertainment, as for America’s foreign policy at this time, the Obama administration was responsible. What Flynn did not know at the time, also, was that the FBI was looking for already for some months now, whether Trump-Familiar in the election campaign, illegal agreements were made with the Russian government. Since the calls of the Ambassador were monitored, suddenly also Flynn on the list of suspects.

The undoing of Flynn was that he lied to the beginning of 2017, both other members of the government – including Vice-President Mike Pence – as well as the FBI about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador. Trump Flynn made in January of 2017, to be his National security adviser, dismissed him but after only three weeks, because he wanted to get rid of the Russia-scandal brewing about him. That Flynn has told the FBI under oath the truth and thus committed a criminal Offence, is official – he has admitted it himself two Times before the court. The case seemed once more to confirm the old Washington scandal rule: It is the original law violation that leads to the fall, but the attempt to cover up by lying is not.

To lie

on the Other hand, In the case of Flynn’s never the allegation of such an original act, was charged with violation. The U.S. Department of justice sued him for illegal talks with Russian representatives, but only because of his lies to the investigators. With this special constellation, the justice reasoned, the Ministry of now also, why it the process wants to set.

The interrogation, in which Flynn had lied, was completely unnecessary and for the investigation of the Russian act of sabotage in the election irrelevant have been, it is said in the Letter to the court. The Ministry argues, implicitly, similar to how Trump and his supporters have been doing it for years: Flynn was seduced by the FBI in a de facto lie to him and for leniency against Trump make put.

But the turnaround of the Ministry has probably also a significant party political reasons. Minister of justice, William Barr, has approved the decision, has become one of the most important allies Trumps in the fight against the supposed enemies of the “deep state”. Has proved to be Barr to be very effective in the for Trump not in all points of the exculpatory results of the Mueller investigation block. As Barr pointed out in his summary of the Mueller report that the investigators have found no evidence of illegal collusion Trumps with Moscow in the election campaign of 2016. That Mueller’s final report contained a lot of evidence to suggest that Trump had made in the months after the massive obstruction of Justice guilty, to make a reconnaissance of the operations impossible, under Barr suggested.

the election campaign, illegal

The Minister of justice shares the view of the President, whose election campaign team in 2016, has been illegally spied on. And he has used investigators to review the former decisions of the responsible. The result of one of these investigators was largely responsible for ensuring that the charges against Flynn were dropped.

What’s in it for Trump a victory for the Democrats, especially a scandalous proof that the President has made America’s once-independent judiciary, subject to all. Jerry Nadler, the democratic Chairman of the judiciary Committee in the house of representatives, claimed in an angry Tweet on Thursday, a further investigation.

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