in view of the tariff conflict, the growth of a gloomy Outlook for the world economy and Germany. The global gross domestic product will grow this year by only 3.5 percent and in the year 2020 by 3.6 percent, forecasts the International monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday released “World Economic Outlook”. In October, he had said, for both years, a 3.7 percent previously. “We believe that the risks are for a stronger increase of the downward correction,” warns the IMF at the same time. The fluctuations in the financial markets in the industrial countries, and trade conflicts.

For the German economy, the IMF lowered the forecasts for the current year, from 1.9 percent to 1.3 percent for 2020, it is expected to 1.6 percent. “Production difficulties in the auto industry and a decline in external demand hamper growth by 2019,” it says. Would add the hanging game, a Britain to leave the EU and Budgetary difficulties in Italy, which could threaten the economy in Europe.

the United States are forecast for this year to 2.5 per cent, while in the next by only 1.8 percent. “The Expansion in the United States continues, but the forecast assumes a slowdown after the expiry of the fiscal incentives,” said the monetary Fund. In the past year, the world is not likely to have the largest economy in the least because of tax reductions for companies to 2.9 percent. One of the dangers for the American economy, the IMF has a prolonged budget dispute, by the hundreds of thousands of state money staff currently receive.