Release of US Veteran – Trump would like to thank the Switzerland Donald Trump has thanked me for the information over the short message service Twitter in the case of Switzerland, for their help in the release of a prisoner in Iran.0 Comment of the US President thanks to the Swiss support:. Trump in the rose garden of the White house in Washinghton.Photo: Keystone (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

An Ex-U.S. military officer is after almost two years in detention in Iran been released. Michael White was, according to the US President Donald Trump on the way back to the United States on Board a Swiss government aircraft. Trump thanked Switzerland for its efforts.

“I want to thank Switzerland for their great support,” wrote Trump on Thursday the short-messaging service Twitter. According to the news Agency AP White flew over to Zurich, where he was the US special envoy, Brian Hook, and a doctor in reception. From there, he flew to the USA.

the White will be “very soon” back at his family in the United States, re-wrote Trump. White’s mother Joanne said through her lawyer, for the family, a 683-day-long nightmare is now finally over. Michael White was a “hostage” of the Iranian revolutionary guard, she said.

The Swiss Department of foreign Affairs took action, not position. “We can’t comment on,” said a spokesman for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) at the request of the news Agency Keystone-SDA. Switzerland represents for decades, the interests of the United States in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Was it an exchange?

The release came a day after the return of the Iranian scientist Cyrus Asgari in Iran. He had been abandoned by the United States after nearly three years in prison for espionage free.

The American authorities gave no comment. It was unclear whether the exchange was free of the White and Asgari let a prisoner, as it was done by the end of 2019 between the warring States.

The then-46-year-old Californian, White, was detained in July 2018. Then-according to media reports, White had traveled to Iran to visit the family of his girlfriend. In March of 2019, he was sentenced to ten years in prison because he had offended, according to his lawyer the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei and personal photos posted on social networks.

in mid-March, he was granted a leave of absence from “medical” and “humanitarian” reasons, but under the condition that he not leave the country, and the Swiss Embassy in Tehran to pass, which represents US interests in Iran. Washington continued to call for his immediate release.


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