Doctor. I think I would have had good diagnoses. I would have liked to listen and help. I think it would have been for me. I like people, I have sensitivity and I am precise in my research. I had a classical education that could have taken me anywhere, but I had an illness [pleurisy] at 18, which reduced my physical abilities.

My dogs ! I have had dogs my whole life. I love animals. My dogs have always been amazing company. They always gave me support, comfort, love. They encouraged me. All my dogs made me laugh and play. That’s why it’s a good investment. Currently, I have a little brown poodle, it’s a female called Beauty.

I have three. “Putting it off until tomorrow” I have a lot of difficulty. Why put off until tomorrow what we can do today? The word “impossible.” When people say it’s impossible when they haven’t even tried, it horrifies me. You have to try several times before saying that it is impossible to have proof. And the word “never.”

If I have to choose just one person, it would be Charles Sirois, for his genius, his simplicity and his modesty. He stands head and shoulders above many other great entrepreneurs, but he still has both feet on the ground.

Like love at first sight! It’s love at first sight or nothing. But I don’t buy what I don’t need. I learned this from my father. I think before buying, I’m reasonable, but love at first sight is my way of buying.

A film that I have seen several times and always with the same pleasure is an American film called Something’s Gotta Give. It’s with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. What I like is that it shows that love can change things. In the end, I am moved every time I see it, even though I know the story, because love won.

Google. Because I’m curious and I always like to look for interesting answers.

Yes, my whole life I’ve said to myself, Prove them wrong. This is what propelled me and gave me the most courage and desire to succeed. I wanted to prove those who didn’t believe in me that they were wrong. Throughout my career, it has been a great source of motivation.

Brie pasta. This is done with an uncooked sauce, at room temperature. The pasta is hot, so when you pour it over the sauce, the cheese melts. There are raw tomatoes, lots of basil and garlic in the recipe too.

You must be very busy! This is my ideal, otherwise it feels like big holes in my life. I have to keep busy. I traveled a lot with my husband, I read, I took Italian lessons. When I go to Italy, I jabber in Italian with people. Everyone tells me I’m good, but I think they’re nice. I have my foundation, too. Next spring, I’m going to volunteer two days a week at a long-term care center. I’m thinking of getting back into the piano by taking lessons from Gregory Charles. You need passion – otherwise it’s a long process – and having a dog is important.