Quiz for the Swiss – German dialect do you Understand that?An exhibition in Stans collects recordings of strange Swiss words. We present a selection.Linus Schöpfer0 comment not only of the Valais have a strange dialect words: The Matterhorn, February 2019.Keystone

In a few days, the Bachmann prize will take place in Klagenfurt again. After the appearance of judge Peter von Matt: He defended the Swiss in 1989, against the prejudice, you would screw a “tongue like a Forest”.

The German scholar had a point. Hardly the best riding is, however, that some pretty kurlige Swiss articulations are circulating. The salt magazine in Stans – from Matt’s home town – has gained special words for his new exhibition. Ten of us made the Museum available.

you Know all of them?

“Heepä, gigele, gäitsche — dialect in German-speaking Switzerland collected”. Museum Of Salt Magazine, Stans. To 1. November

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