The Chinese director of the Confucius institute at the vrije universiteit brussel, denies emphatically that he was spying for the Chinese intelligence services, and then start a lawsuit against us in the country. He referred to this as a statement, because he refused to spy for the United States of america.

at the Beginning of this week it became known that the Belgian security services, Song Xinning, for eight years, and the access to land is denied. In response to the strong evidence that the Chinese professor of European studies, through its position in the Brussels Confucius institute – is associated with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (free university of brussels) – as valuable economic information, from trying to collect from the people in the Belgian business community to address, but also by the Chinese students.

The man, who is currently in China, staying in, denied the allegations vigorously. In the Chinese media and the international news agency the Associated Press, he uses the words “complete false accusation. I’ve got a lawyer and taken in an appeal against the decision on my visa to be grant.”


now, As the Belgian security services, a few details are lost on the matter, and gives the Song that well. In his own words, he told his Belgian visa, it was rejected because they “suspected it was for the Chinese intelligence services to work”, that he was “a danger to the national security of Belgium. But that in itself is suspect, and that he’s going to be a time of reckoning, as he was a few months ago, at the event organised by the Confucius institute, was asked by an American envoy. Had he been accused of being a spy for the Chinese government. “He’s asked me to make it for US, which I refused to do. He said that such a refusal would have serious consequences.”

the Chinese government is doing to the Belgian accusations as “absolute nonsense, where there is no evidence”. “You’ll have to have other things,” said Geng Shuang, spokesman at the Chinese department of Foreign Affairs. China was also displeased that the Confucius institute of the affair in time to come.


The Confucius institute, 184 locations in Europe, and in the Chinese language and culture to communicate. However, it has been controversial at the time. So, say the experts, is that different sites can be rather the promotion of the committee that the public image of China and the rest of the world need to be polished. The VUB decided last year that the Confucius institute at the university itself, yet, only with the core, if employed, namely, the promotion of the language and the culture. They will also examine whether the co-operation of the institute will continue in the future.
More about the VUB Has been the director of the UNIVERSITY institute or a Chinese spy? A pro can be up to eight years, our country is not in a cyber attack, explains the University of Antwerp, lamb Dries Van Langenhove, may on Monday take part in a debate in the auditorium of the KU Leuven, Dries Van Langenhove, may not take part in the debate on VUB