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Zidane arrived at Real Madrid in 2001 and ten months won the Champions league in Glasgow with that goal at Bayer Leverkusen which is the iconic image of the Cup of Europe. Zinedine didn’t know that his record in the white club, and in Spain, would last until today. is No one could know . It takes twenty-one years in our country and, as Zidane says, “my friends that I met in Spain told me that I would be here a long time, they were right, the Spanish I love.”

Frédéric Hermel, a journalist of “L’equipe” and Radio Monte carlo, CTMR, nor could he gauge what would follow in the footsteps of Zinedine over two decades. He has published a biography of the myth, titled simply “Zidane”, published by Espasa, that is the sports book most sold in France and now comes in Spain the followers of the champion of the world 1998 know how it is. Madridistas and non-madridistas can know in detail who is Zidane.

“Ancelotti declares that Zidane made him change his concept of football as a coach, always focused on the system as a priority; with Zidane made a team around the best”

– Who is Zidane?

-A great player, a talent, which has also become a great coach when he decided to bet on this way. When he retired as a player in 2006, forgiving a one-year contract with Real Madrid, said that it would not be a coach. With the passage of time, reflected on her future and decided that yes, that would be coach. And has also triumphed on the bench. But, above all, Zidane is a great person, very family, simple, far removed from the myth. A close friend of his friends. A man of principles, who keeps you above all things. Very faithful to his own. What it does is treason. His friends today are from before.

“Bettoni says that what Zidane does not support is injustice, you try to be fair with every footballer, it hurts most is sentarles if all deserve to play, but are twenty five and you have to choose”

-In the book talk about their best friends. The first is David Bettoni. His right hand.

-they Are friends since they were fifteen years ago, when they played together in the youth at the Cannes. Bettoni is the second perfect. Not looking to be the number one thing that we see so often in football. David works in the service of an idea, of Zidane. And defines very well his friend. States that what Zidane does not support is injustice. And try to be fair with his players. What hurts most to Zinedine is to have to sit in the stands to the players that deserve to play, but may not align at all.

-With Ancelotti maintains an eternal relationship.

-Carlo addressed to him as a player in the Juventus and then I was assistant at Real Madrid. Ancelotti has acknowledged that Zidane transformed his concept of football as a coach. His idea was based on the system as a priority, above all. Zidane changed that starting point. With Zidane as a footballer he created a team around a player’s talent, to exploit its virtues. I played the one who was best suited to the best player in the team.

-Christophe Dugarry is another special case in your life.

-Is a great friend of Zidane, his room-mate in the French team. They won together the World 98. Dugarry and Zinedine are very different, water and oil. Christophe talks a lot, ex-very expressive. Zidane is of few words. Complement each other.

– And how defines the Hermel to Zidane?

-Zidane is a myth, a star for the world, but in his personal life is nothing of the sort. It is a simple person, who keeps his friends from always, from when it was not famous. It is very familiar. Zidane goes to the French Lycée with his wife, as a parent, to talk with the teachers in the performance of their children. Doing homework with them. In house is a person very normal. Has principles and keeps them.

-it is Not easy to maintain that way of being in this world of football, with the focus always to the back.

-But Zidane is the same in football, does not change, is a person who is very straight. Has a few values acquired from their parents, a few principles and applies them with his players.

– what is Your premise of work and life?

-Works with trust as the base. Not moved by money, as he forgave the one year contract as a player and has never asked for anything. When he said in 2006, Florentino Pérez, who is not still playing is because I didn’t want to charge money (six million euros) for something that was not going to be able to do. As a coach, as a person in general, needs to work under that kind of absolute trust. And what it does is treason. If ye break faith, it’s over.

-As a player he was a magician How to coach?

-it Is a road warrior. Work as the that more. Do not leave anything to the improvisation, has everything planned, every training is prepared well in advance. No one had ever won two Champions in a row and he has succeeded in not two, but three. In each daily session involved with their players on the field, in the passes, the shots, in all the plays. Is involved in each training.

– And what about Real Madrid, League champion?

-you are Going to fight hard to get it. Is very excited with the team. He sees “enthusiasm” in their men. It is his word to define who he believes he can win.

– why did you come back to lead the team? The easy part was not to risk, having won three Champions.

-Again, first, because it is very madridista. Loves to Real Madrid. And second, in parallel to the above, because I called a friend, Florentino Pérez, because the club needed him. She responded to the call of a friend and his club, Real Madrid.

-to Have conquered ten titles from 2016. Looking for the eleventh. It is an important figure.

-Zidane says he is touched by grace, which is protected by a star. but is that that star has earned it with his work.