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The public prosecutor’s office has, on Monday, at the assisenproces in Antwerp, the world is claimed for it Compared to Van Den Broeck, the 28-year-old man who was last Friday found guilty was to be found in the so-called ” Pokemonmoord’. According to the advocate general, it is a life-long prison sentence and ten years of placement is appropriate, because the man is not sincere remorse” shown.

The public prosecutor’s office argued on Monday that there was “no excuse” for The Team. “Well, not in the manner in which the murder was committed, and in his attitude after the fact, by his attitude in the prison, or in the form of a person. Even in his unhappy childhood, since his brother did something, made the most of his life,” she said. “I was able to see not authentic and lived to regret this, man.”

you may Also use the blank criminal record of The Team is, according to the attorney-general is not a mitigating circumstance, “That is, at the time of his life, has no merit.” Consequently, the public prosecutor’s office for a life in prison and ten years of placement, “for the Sake of the gore, and the way in which, after the assassination of his actions, wanted to hide from it, and have been through the process, the progress I am here, in the world.”


“He’s got Shashia are enticed, taken, and strangled,” according to the attorney general. “After the fact, does he have to all of this is done in order to take care of themselves, through a pretext, to try to create, and it played to the fears to have, and after its downfall he feigned memory loss. During the session, he came away with a flutverhaal with a pack of lies. He shows, disrespect of the victim, and leaves the survivors with a wide range of issues.”

According to the public prosecutor’s office Of the Team a lot of times it’s been given an opportunity to repent, but this was not the case. Even in prison his attitude was deplorable, he gathered all eight of tuchtrapporten, a transfer, and “sees the prison as a hotel, where he stayed a thousand years, it would be able to continue”.

The personality Of the Team makes it in accordance with the attorney-general that the risk of re-offending is high. “He is a very gifted and intelligent, but also stubborn, lazy, dishonest, domineering, narcissistisch, and self-centered”, she said. “He displays the characteristics of psychopathy, lack of empathy, and takes pleasure in causing pain.”

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Defense: “You may be tough, but to be righteous,”

Joe, The Man, who is the attorney Of The Stage, and asked the court to take into account mitigating circumstances. The Man spoke of himself as a pugilist, who, in speaking of the judgment debt, a lot of beating, and for a few seconds that was left behind. “I’m not asking you to take the time to think. You may be strict, but be fair. I’m not asking you to take into account the biological background < / I> (his personality disorder, ed.) of his lack of education, and his clean criminal record. The education that lays the foundation of the pyramid. That is, he has not been given. Note: this is not an excuse. However, it does have an impact.”

“I am not asking you to be a lifetime in jail to keep it off. With a sentence of 30 years imprisonment is, as I have personally no problem with it. Then, you can be sure that it’s at least 15 years of experience in the cell. You can still have the availability to ask questions. No matter how many years, that I must leave to you.”

Van Den Broeck: “I’m Sorry, but in a lot of trouble in order to express themselves”

The last word was Compared to that Of The Race itself. He had himself, in the process of been hard for him, after it had become clear that he was an agent and had been told that he is the best I have had in the prison. He likened the prison to a hotel. “And better yet, I should not have to pay for.” At the age of 2.5 years that he is in a pretrial was Of The Team is already up to 6.000 euros at the jail are spent on candy, and movies were full of porno material.

“I know what I have done to you”, uttered From The Stage, and without a lot of emotion into it. “I’m going to not beat around the bush. My history may not be used as an excuse. Sorry, I have to effectively, however. Even though I have a lot of trouble to make that claim.”

Gerechtspsychiaters told in the process that there is a substantial likelihood that he will relapse. According to the of a psychologist, he can’t be helped: “Psychopaths are the smarter of the therapy.” Van Den Broeck tried it out yet: “I’ve been in prison, it would be to experience that very little is being done to the prisoners, < / I> therapy and so on, editor’s note.) and Hence again, my question is to get therapeutic help, so that in the future, this would not happen again.”

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A jury found in The points Race last weekend, will be guilty of the murder of Shashia series of poker main event. The 20-year-old girl in Heist-op-den-Berg and disappeared on the 7th of February 2017, after the omega pharma-lotto, at Antwerp, and had agreed to Pokémonfiguurtjes to pick up. He said that they had not been able to arrive, however, he was contradicted by surveillance video from the area. Then it was time to see how they worked together, from the Main train Station to the apartment in the Van Stralenstraat were to go for a walk. Shashia was to come, but it was not to be reached.

as Of the Stage, tried to the suspicion on himself to go through with the mobile phone of the victim’s messages to themselves, to send, to indicate that the event had never taken place. He had been in the hair also in e-mail messages to boyfriend sent in. Finally, he admitted, Shashia, however, when it was passed, however, he claimed that after only a few minutes left.

On February 9, 2017, in the body of a young girl is found in a 75-inch-deep well in the courtyard of his apartment house. She was naked and tied to the arms and legs. The autopsy showed that she is being strangled as it was. Then, On the Stage, with the discovery of her body and was confronted, he claimed not to know what she’s up to her to end up. Only on the very first day of his trial, he said all of a sudden that they are out of hand wurgseks had been killed.

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the Council of Antwerp Jury, find defendant Compared to that Of The Stage (28) is found guilty of murder and Shashia series of poker main event (20)