Marie-Anne and Kevin, parents of four children and a little Léanne, who died in 2009 of sudden infant death syndrome, endured an experience that no parent should have to go through. Marie-Anne’s father died on November 10, following which she contacted the funeral directors. The family would like to bury the man alongside his granddaughter, in order to respect his last wishes, explains Le Parisien, which reports the story of Marie-Anne and her husband.

The day before the funeral, November 18, it was the first shock. The funeral directors call Marie-Anne and Kevin to inform them that their daughter’s coffin, which they allegedly fell on while digging the grandfather’s grave, will have to be changed. At the end of the funeral, Marie-Anne, upset, notices large bags of rubble not far from the family grave. As she passes, she thinks she sees pieces of white wood from her daughter’s coffin, but forces herself not to look any further.

The next day, the family returns to the cemetery. They then find several pieces of Leanne’s coffin, as well as her note plaque and a handle of the coffin among the rubble. The police are alerted, and will carry out searches a few days later. The couple then learns that the police have also found their daughter’s bones among the rubble.

The child’s remains will then be exhumed to be buried a second time in a new coffin. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure if Léanne’s body has been returned in its entirety. And it is this doubt that haunts the two collapsed parents, as reported by Le Parisien. They intend to obtain justice, and lead this fight both to try to turn the page on this very dark passage in their lives, but also for the potential other victims of this kind of negligence.