Ready to get your hands dirty? The thirty million French owners risk, in fact, paying much more next year. In question, explains Le Parisien, a sharp increase in property tax from 2023. This has already increased considerably this year, due in particular to the revaluation of cadastral values, which has been capped at 3.5%. But in the months to come, specify our colleagues, the addition should be considerably more salty. And for good reason: the government has not yet decided on the cap of the revaluation that will then take place.

Some government sources, mentioned by Le Parisien, also mention the absence of a ceiling, which would de facto lead to an increase in the property tax. Of course, the deputies could then table an amendment to debate the question, but it is also important to remember that a large part of the amount of this local tax depends on the communities, which are responsible for setting the rate finally applied.

Several scenarios make it possible to claim an exemption from property tax, recall the Bercy teams on the website of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance as well as Industrial and Digital Sovereignty. There is thus:

A temporary exemption from property tax for two years, relating to new constructions or additions to constructions.