Gain in purchasing power, in square meters but also to change life, landscape… There are many reasons for moving abroad and many people want to take the plunge. According to a Poll study

In addition, as Le Parisien points out, a second study by the same institute for the SDITP reveals that one in five working people would be ready to live in another European country if they could have a job exclusively in telework.

Thus, the French are particularly attracted by the idea of ​​living abroad. And retirees are not the last. Indeed, an OpinionWay and Mysilverway survey dating from 2015 reveals that one in three French people over the age of 50 would see themselves retiring abroad.

A number of French seniors have already taken the plunge since in 2015, 1.3 million retirees living abroad received a pension paid by the National Old Age Insurance Fund (CNAV), underlines Capital. This represents nearly 10% of retirees. However, among them, all the profiles are not the same and a large number have not expatriated but have simply returned to their country of origin.

Even today, people of all ages are hesitant to take the plunge and wonder which country might be right for them. In Europe, France is among the most expensive countries in the field of real estate. In particular, this allows you to benefit from a wide range of choices to make a good deal by investing in stone abroad.

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