a professional cyclist Lennard Kämna is the great German hope. At the presentation of his team, Sunweb on Thursday in Berlin, he is of course still very modest. He expects from the upcoming season, many great races and great experiences. At the Giro d’italia or the Tour de France, the debut of the twenty-two years before the famous race of the Cycling – finally.

Michael Reinsch

a correspondent for sports in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

In Italy Kämnas team captain Tom wants to win Dumoulin as early as 2017. Kämna was part of the Team, he would be the Leader committed to an honorable task with the Chance to make on the side of the Dutchman, a name. Kämna for the Tour would be nominated, he sees the Chance to be in breakaways and stage wins fight to call, without regard to the hierarchy in the Team. Sunweb has no ambitions on the overall standings in 2018, as the organizers have planned a small, individual time trial, 27 of 3351 km. The superior time trialist Dumoulin feels that as a disadvantage. Where Kämna would rather have? “This is like choosing between platinum and Gold.”

German winner

develop Already in the past year, Kämna should have been on the Grand tour. In 2017, he became professional and was to the Best of his team virtually at first attempt world champion in the team time. Kämna is silver plated and the title with a second place in the street in the U23 race, and seemed to confirm that Team Sunweb and he were on the way, the British Team Sky with the Tour winner Christopher Froome to challenge. They wanted to develop a German winner, said Sunweb team boss Iwan Spekenbrink, as he announced, Kämna will go in 2018, finally on Tour.

All the forecasts and expectations seemed to be tangible, the Kämna accompany, since he was driving the 2014 Junior world champion in the individual time: a new Jan Ullrich, however, without Doping. “In Germany, you will quickly call to the new German driver,” says Kämna. “I would have preferred to keep it quiet.”