A police officer has shot and used in Bochum, a 74-year-old man, and must now face an investigation due to a Homicide. The older man had moved to the first findings in front of a residential building a “weapon-like object” from the waist and immediately in front of him, the 35-year-old of the officials targeted said a spokesperson for the Essen police on Monday.

The policeman asked the man at the incident from Sunday still in vain, to let the alleged weapon, and then several shots fired. Local residents had called the police because of the 74-year-old man to help – it was a riot and damage to property.

In the “weapon-like object” is, according to the current state of knowledge, not a sharp weapon, it said in a communication to the police. The shooter and also called colleagues would be medically looked after, some are traumatized.

As usual in such cases, assumes a different service point, the investigations – in this case, the homicide food. The man’s body will an autopsy, said the Essen-based police spokesman. The official was not suspended from service. Basically a result come as an accusation of negligent homicide or negligent injury or death in the case of the investigation into consideration, the need to clarify the Prosecutor’s office. This was not the first to reach.

Prior to the shooting on Sunday night police and rescue cars multiple times since the early hours of the morning of the 74-year-Old self or by neighbors have been alarmed, but for different reasons, as the police spokesman reported. There had been several witnesses who should be interviewed, including at least three other police officials and some local residents. Whether the shooter was already heard, on Monday is still unclear.