The time of loneliness is over, and everyone should see it. On Wednesday ordered Donald Trump to his Cabinet and led the country one and a half hours in front of the cameras, how many listeners he has. Due to the budget dispute and of a partial Administration shutdown, he had kept over the holidays, the White house, the President said. “I was six or seven days, all alone in the White house. It was very lonely. My family was down in Florida. … I thought I should stay here in case people come over and on border protection to negotiate would want to.“ But no one came.

Andreas Ross

editor in the policy.

F. A. Z.

That, after all, First Lady Melania Trump spent the Christmas day with Trump and flew with him a troop visit in Iraq, as well as on the base of Ramstein in Germany, not mentioned by Trump on Wednesday. And when he came to speak for the second Time in his lonely hours, he lost, the Lonely-watches-motif in between the eyes, and boasted of his Bodyguards: “I was all alone in the White house. This is a big, big house – except for the guys on the lawn with the machine guns. The most beautiful guns I’ve ever seen. I waved. I’ve seen in my life, never so many types with machine guns. Secret Service and the military. The are great people. Do not play games, or wave. But I was very alone with the MG.“

Two new, and a familiar face framed Trump in this production. Sat at his Right, the acting Minister of the interior David Bernhardt; it was his first day on the Job, after Trump had dismissed the previous head of Department, Ryan Zinke. To the Left of the President, Patrick Shanahan sat. It was his second day as acting defense Minister after the former Pentagon chief James Mattis announced just before Christmas his resignation for the end of February, Trump him, but then to 31. December had thrown. “In principle, I fired him,” reiterated the President. Directly in front of him the most famous face was on the Cabinet table: his own likeness on a movie poster, the popular series “Game of Thrones” – inspired, only that it’s not “Winter is Coming”, but “Sanctions are Coming” on it. Trump had spread the subject in November on Twitter, to boast of one of the new Iran sanctions.