The aggressive mood of the police was, in part, in the new year’s eve in Berlin is documented on multiple Videos. A Film that has been circulating on the Internet is also redirected from right-wing populist circles, and politicians and commented on. He shows a longer scene in Berlin-Schöneberg – according to the newspaper “B. Z.” in the stonecutter street, close to the Pallas street, where the location is to new year is always particularly controversial. The police do not doubt the authenticity of the video.

Several police officers with helmets hold there in the dark a person on the ground and take him then. Men shout in English “sons of Bitches”, bitching to Arabic, track officials, and movies. Several firecrackers to be thrown on the security forces and explode. It comes to a scuffle with the police officers who continue to hold on to a man, and the Rest of the crowd to keep their distance.

The police said, in the area of a 16 – and a 17-year-old juvenile for aggravated trespassing and had been taken in the night. Whether the scene is in the Film this process, and this was not the final. The behavior of the police officers was nothing to suspend, a spokesman said. It was a rather deeskalier demeanor: police officers would have secured the place of arrest and the arrested quickly out of the danger area.

Other films, particularly the Internet short message service Twitter, show similar scenes: At the corner of Sonnenallee and Fulda street in Neukölln, young men firing their blank-firing starting pistols, always in the direction of a passing police car. On the Kottbusser Damm between Kreuzberg and Neukölln, in turn, firecrackers are thrown between firefighters that are currently in use.