With a conviction for inciting to high treason against the Republic of Austria and the sentencing to long terms of imprisonment against the two main accused has ended on Friday, a process in Graz against so-called state of objectors. Other functionaries of a self-established “Federal States” with “States” on the territories of the nine Austrian Federal States received sentences of between nine months to three years. The harsh sentence should have a deterrent in the scene, the state objectors, who describe themselves as “Freemen” or “rich citizens” (mainly in Germany, but occasionally also in Austria) or of Styria outgoing “Confederation of States”; the Latter should be more than 2500 people. The judge spoke in Graz a “clear Signal that anti-state acts will not be tolerated”.

Stephan Löwenstein

Political correspondent for Austria and Hungary, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

F. A. sentenced to, for example,

A 42-year-old Steirerin, who described himself as the “President” of the “Federal States”, was 14 years imprisonment. A former member of the Gendarmerie (police) received a ten year sentence. Of the accused for high treason, instigated, was based, among other things, to more than 200 “warrants”, which had made the two of them. A list was then General-in-chief of the Austrian staff army delivered The army to the government in Vienna, as well as the government and other people. The General handed abwehramt the matter to the Army, in consequence of it came to the arrest of the leading “States bundler”, which had been observed to date. The penalties for attempt of treason is between ten and twenty years in prison. The argument of the defense that the Tests were far from unfit, and possibly disorderly conduct, but no serious high treason, has not followed the court – because of the Severity of the accused crime, a Grand jury–.

The twelve other defendants, including the “President” of the individual “States”, were only convicted due to the formation of a state hostile to the connection, in part, to conditional sentences (probation). The Austrian criminal law provides for imprisonment of between six months and five years, if someone establishes a connection, or substantially involved in, the “in violation of the law to undermine the independence, in the Constitution specified a form of government or a constitutional institution” of the state seek.