Taxes: 9 mistakes not to make when declaring your income


The period has started, since Thursday, April 7, 2022. Households must look into their tax declarations for the year 2021. For many households, the declarations are already partly pre-filled thanks to the automatic declaration set up in 2020 .

However, changes may have taken place and it is important to always verify your information or complete your tax return with great care.

If the start date is the same for everyone, namely April 7, the limit depends on several factors.

For online declarations, the deadlines are:

– May 24 for departments 01 to 19 and for non-residents

– May 31 for departments 20 to 54

– June 8 for departments 55 to 976.

An error can happen quickly and put a taxpayer in a difficult situation, whether the error is to his advantage or not. Our colleagues from TF1 specify that an error in good faith is still reparable, even if it is noticed after the fact.

For this, there are two possible solutions. If the taxpayer has declared his income online, all he has to do is go to the online correction service on the website.

On the other hand, if a taxpayer has sent his tax return in paper format and wishes to modify it, he must inform his personal tax department or send a new declaration.

Many errors can thus slip into your tax returns, some are more common than others. Discover the 9 main ones in our slideshow.