According to Total, the dryer is one of the most energy-intensive household appliances: it would be responsible for nearly 15% of French electricity bills, as reported by Femme Actuelle. Doing without it would therefore be ideal in these times of energy crisis… Especially since, the summer is over, it is not very recommended to leave your windows wide open for several hours to dry your laundry.

Your drying rack will stay clammy for a long time, potentially impregnating your clothes with an unpleasant odor, and making your home more humid. And it lasts… especially in winter, a season during which we wear, and therefore wash, thicker clothes, and therefore take longer to dry.

A first instinct to have is to spin your laundry as much as possible in the washing machine. Watch out though! Check your labels, as some textiles do not lend themselves to this.

Then, take care to hang out your laundry, leaving as much space as possible between two clothes. This will facilitate air circulation between the fabrics and thus shorten the drying time. It is therefore recommended to extend your clothes by one end using clothespins, rather than folding them over themselves.

The real trick here lies in creating a hot air bubble around your tancarville. To do this, cover both the linen to be dried and the back of the nearest radiator with a dry, clean sheet, so that the hot air is trapped under the sheet.

This technique is obviously only economical if your heating was on beforehand. It is also strongly advised not to raise the temperature of the heating for drying, the difference will be seen on your bill, and much less in the drying time!