Charles Michel, until recently, the prime minister in current affairs, and defend it all from the government, but it is not to talk about the current round of negotiations. “There is no budget for 2019 and 2020, and that it is not serious,” he said, in The Morning on Radio 1. A recognition of the N-VA. The party has proposed in the budget, but was approved after the fall of the government is not very good.

“I have two promises to the community’s arguments in the refrigerator, and job creation,” says Michel. “We have spent the last few years of difficult economic reforms, the level of activity, it was still an all-time high, the budget deficit in the fall of the government was to be shared by the three of us.”

in the Meantime, is running budget deficits at up to 11 billion euros. According to Michel, is the only one responsible, and that is, the N-VA. “The restructuring is now again more difficult because of the N-VA, in July the agreement had been provided for in the budget, but in december and wanted to support it. Those of you that are in the budget that they had adopted not to vote, to bear the responsibility.”

there is still no budget approved for the 2019 and 2020, there is a”not very serious”, according to Michel. “A country should be governed is to be, and that’s not the case at all.”He said that the political parties, the courage to be shown in order to form a government. In Belgium, it is essential that you are courageous in order to form a government. It’s too easy to just repeat what’s going on in your program,” says Michael. “The most important thing is a majority in the parliament.”

“Not a walk in the park”

Michel will leave the Belgian political scene and is, on 1 december, the chairman of the Council of europe. He is following Donald Tusk on it. He still has 26 days to prepare for his new job, and passed the torch to the prime minister, in the current business all through partijgenootSophie Wilmès.

“I’m preparing for a sensitive position,” says Michael. “I anticipate meeting with various European leaders in order to determine where the sensitive areas are, and what compromises there may be.”

Michel, to realize that he’s in for a big challenge. “A job at the EU will never be a walk in the park, which has always been a lot of effort is required.”He hopes that the winds of change to do the wai and. “I’m hoping with the new committee and the leadership of the European Council, a new lease of life as possible.”The challenges of climate change as an opportunity to address it, and the digitisation and innovation, to provide for the incentives. “We have to be each and every day to show that the EU has an added value in the areas of economics, climate change, security and migration, and have the same goals.”

Also, the Brexit is on the agenda. “The British people will have to make a choice, and we must respect it”, says Michel. “We should be peaceful, calm, and attentive, and do all the damage, after Brexit, as much as possible.”

More about Charles-Michel Wilmès thank you Michel, with the title the King is to appoint the former prime minister, Charles Michel, minister of State, Francois Roux is the head of cabinet of Charles Michel, what is and What should be the new prime minister of Sophie Wilmès actually do it?