HPI, Les Combattantes, Le Bazar de la Charité… The actress Audrey Fleurot has been on the rise for several years. It must be said that with each of his participation in fiction produced by TF1, success is immediately there. Building on her success, the star signed for a third season of HPI to resume her role as Morgane alongside Karadec, played by comedian Mehdi Nebbou.

A role of which she did not imagine the success that resulted from it. “No, I couldn’t imagine this success. We don’t have our hands on it. All we can do is play a character with as much commitment as possible (…) I don’t ‘ve never been so scared as the days before ‘HPI’ came out, because I put so much of myself into it. It’s different with choral series, like ‘Gears’, where you don’t feel responsible success or failure”, she told Lematin.ch.

However, nothing was decided for the one who played La Dame du lac in the Kaamelott series. During her adolescence, Audrey Fleurot was the victim of a complex, as she had explained in the columns of Marie-Claire. “I was very complexed, it was not funny. I felt that it was going to have to be funny if I wanted to get out of it in life”, she had declared and to add: “But from 8 years I knew what I wanted to do. It was obvious and if I had a great chance in my life it was to have known very early what I wanted to do. So I put everything in place to succeed, because it’s a job that is very hard. When you see from the outside you only see the glamour, the glitter, but it’s a very hard job, very violent, especially towards women”.

Recently, the star appeared transformed during an HPI photocall in Rome. Discover his physical evolution throughout his life.