In the Norwegian city of Oslo took on Tuesday afternoon, an armed man is in control of the vehicle on. Thus, we are different people. The five, would it hurt to be.

In the Norwegian district of Torshow would be Tuesday afternoon, several shots fired in the arrest of a man. The incident began with a call to a road traffic accident involving a car on the roof of his house came to be. When the ambulance arrived on the scene and took a man in control of that vehicle over. Thus, he tried several people to drive it. A spokesman for the hospital, Oslo, talks to Reuters , that is, there was a second vehicle involved in the incident. “We had one, it was stolen by an armed man. A few minutes later, another vehicle of the stolen vehicle to stop by putting it away. After that, police were able to reach the man again.”

The police took the man, and the power, and centred on a helicopter to the top of Oslo. The agents fired shots at the tires of the vehicle so that the perpetrator of the fire and opened it. He was finally at the front of a house. The culprit, according to the police, injuries have been.

According to the police, there would be a total of five wounded. The spokesperson of the hospital told Reuters : “Two of the babies were injured in the incident. It’s going to be a twin seven-month-old. They will be taken care of.”

The police department is also looking for a woman that is the incident to do. Its exact role is not yet clear. “We are on the look out for a woman with the following description : light and curly hair, a black jacket, it looks stunning from the writing to the police department on Twitter. The husband and the wife, both known to the police.

The police would not yet say whether the incident as a terrorist act, is considered to be.

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