Energy check, Christmas bonus… The 2022 end-of-year aid calendar


For several months now, the purchasing power of the French has suffered from rising prices. Whether in the field of food, services or energy, it is difficult to act as if nothing had happened as inflation has impacted the daily life of the whole country.

Faced with this, the government had adopted a whole range of aid to help the most precarious French people, but also the middle class for whom the cost of living has also changed. For example, the pump discount was particularly appreciated by motorists after a sudden increase in fuel prices.

However, from November 16, this aid will now amount to 10 cents per liter and will therefore be much less attractive than the 30 cents per liter that were previously in force. But the government does not want to abandon motorists.

Spokesperson Olivier Véran thus announced that the government now wanted to “protect the French who use their cars the most”, on Sunday January 13 on the set of BFMTV.

Thus, a new aid could be put in place at the beginning of the year 2023. But this time, it should target “big rollers are those who need their car the most to go to work but also the French who are in the most difficulty in their daily lives because they cannot afford to pay for fuel which would be on the rise”, explains the former Minister of Health.

Other boosts should still point the tip of their noses by the end of 2022. Find out which ones in our slideshow below.