A large array of security forces – police preparing for Anti-Corona DemoDer for Saturday announced a rally of opponents of the corona measures to meet the Bernese cantonal police, with a significantly larger roster. It insists on the existing event and rally ban.0 KommentareDie police has announced a significantly larger array, if it should come on Saturday in the city of Bern once again a Demonstration of corona enemies.Image: Keystone

The Assembly prohibition of the Federal Council, had a few hundred “Corona”opponents already at the 2. and 9. May at the Federal court already cold left. The rallies were able to be resolved only slowly, as the cantonal police, writes, in a message from Thursday. Factual interviews with rally participants could hardly have been possible.

But it is an essential principle, if it is a matter that the police should enforce the COVID-19-regulation of the Federal government. “Don’t talks to the destination, the police in the context of the proportionality of the measures necessary,” writes the police. In the case of an event and disregard of police instructions, the police announces controls and Display.

heterogeneous group of

the opponents of The corona measures are a heterogeneous group of people of any age. In addition to those suffering from the economic consequences of the pandemic, lock downs, marched on the Federal court also vaccination and mobile opponents, the anti-globalizers, and opponents of government Surveillance. The protesters also pendant mixed but currently popular conspiracy theories about the pandemic, as well as a nationally known Right-wing extremist.

The Bern city government had called on Wednesday for the population to abandon the rally on Saturday. The Federal arranged Assembly, prohibition applicable to.

The Berne municipal Council made it clear that he has no sympathy for the demonstrators. He specifically condemned “the failure to respect the requirements”. The demonstrators had foutiert also to the necessary spacing, and other rules of hygiene.

The public space, claimed due to the distances already strongly emphasized by the municipal Council. Starting next Saturday, the Berne weekly market takes place also under adapted conditions – again, after nine weeks of break. There is also a rally, this would lead to a confusing Situation in the city centre.

Unequal Ellen?

the opponents of The Corona-measures are the only ones who, since the beginning of may ready to demonstrate in Bern for a time. Several other Demo-Attempts choked to death by the police in the Bud. On 1. May and in the framework of the special session of the Federal. Councils were not tolerated even individuals with cardboard boxes.

The entered the city authorities criticism: It will be measured with two types of Mass, it was called. The Council dismissed the allegation, he referred to the fact that the police are collections of people “in the context of proportionality” prevent. In the first two rallies of the corona opponent, the police had not shot a rapid clearance of the rally with tear gas and rubber, because old people and many children were in the crowd.

criticism of lawyers,

The democratic lawyers of Berne criticise the city for its handling of Demonstrators during the pandemic. Especially in view of the Opening of shops and Restaurants, you can ask the authorities in a communication to allow political rallies. “The participation in the formation of political opinion is just as important as the economic well-being of the population”, say it in the message.

The Association calls on the government Council, with exemptions, having regard to the COVID-to give 19-regulation of the Federal government, in order to safeguard the fundamental rights.

rallies with less than 5 persons were grant in any case; the same is true for larger events that enable distance – and hygiene measures to be observed. The authorities at all levels would have to be used, the Bernese population of their constitutional Rights – could always do with regard to the epidemiological Situation of use.


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