According to the “acute threat” of the man in the police use in Adelboden shot no man had holed himself up in a multi-family house. As the police storm the room, hit the Suspect. red/sda0 comment pure Adelboden has shot a police officer on a Suspect. This is the succumbed to his injuries.Screenshot: Google Maps

In the case of a police action has been taken on Thursday evening in Adelboden, a man from a bullet from a service weapon is deadly. The incident is being investigated by a cantonal police corps.

The police moves later in the afternoon, on the Hörnliweg in Adelboden, because a man in the apartment of a multiple dwelling act flashy and threatening to harm yourself. The police had to go to the first investigations, that the man was armed, as she writes in a message from Friday.

to contact the man remained unsuccessful. Finally, the forces entered the property. When they wanted to enter the affected area, there was an “acute threat situation,” as it’s called in the police message. The use of a service weapon, the man was hit.

Further Work to clarify the exact circumstances of the events are now in progress.

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