Who says a star’s career is over after 50 years? For some time, some celebrities have returned to success after experiencing the glory days of their debut. From the small screen to the cinema, including online video platforms, they are coming back to the forefront with the public.

The latest example with Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, the French star of the American series Emily in Paris (created by Darren Star) broadcast on Netflix since 2020. Playing the role of Sylvie Grateau, a snobbish and ruthless businesswoman embodying French phlegm opposite the sparkling American Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins), the 59-year-old actress would almost steal the show. It’s simple: the sublime fifty-year-old, who landed a role in season 5 of The Crown, bursts the screen (and the hearts of fans) with her personality.

A nice revenge for the daughter of comedian Philippe Leroy who started his film career in 1983 in Roger Vadim’s Surprise Party. Two years later, the actress landed the role of her life in Three Men and a Basket, which earned her a nomination for the César for Best Supporting Actress in 1986. television, his career nevertheless experienced a slump.

It was in 2015 that Philippine Leroy stood out again in the series Dix pour cent (France 2) where she played the wife of agent Matthias Barneville (Thibault de Montalembert). A role that has certainly revealed it to the public around the world with its broadcast on Netflix. A revival of popularity which gave new life to the career of the actress who will celebrate her 60th birthday in April 2023.

“The underlying message of the series is that no matter the age and the history of people, Darren Star advocates a certain freedom of the characters”, assured the famous actress to AFP, adding. “These characters say that we have to break certain labels, that people are multifaceted, we don’t have to judge them”, quoted in particular by Yahoo news.

Like Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, other entertainment stars have shone on screen in recent years. Like Chantal Ladesou, a figure of comedy and theater, and recently a flagship juror of Mask Singer. Across the Atlantic, it was the American star Jennifer Coolidge (revealed in American Pie in the 1990s) who shone in the spotlight this year in the series The White Lotus. Focus in pictures on their destiny in the slideshow.