Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne unveiled to Le Parisien the first elements of the pension reform on Thursday, December 1. The last round of negotiations is continuing and the reform project should be officially presented to the social partners on 15 December. The text will then be presented to the Council of Ministers in January 2023.

The stakes are high for Emmanuel Macron, the only president until now who has not led a pension reform during his first five-year term. The postponement of the legal age of departure to 65 was one of the key elements of his presidential campaign, a focus he shares with most of the parties that have joined the presidential majority, as reported by our colleagues. of La Dispatch.

The President had declared, shortly before the legislative elections, that the decline in age that he advocated was in no way a “totem” from which he would not move away. However, according to the words of Elisabeth Borne, it would seem that the negotiations are leaning more towards the presidential side… Indeed, she assured that her government will do everything to honor Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise, saying she is open to d other solutions concerning the pension system, with the condition that these proposals make it possible to rebalance it in the next 10 years.

This is what constitutes one of the major points of contention between the group of the presidential majority and the opposition: according to several officials of social organizations and trade unions, as well as certain deputies, there is no rebalancing to be made. ! A fundamental disagreement therefore remains, which leaves little room for hope of a compromise. Another element that is far from trivial: the presentation of the text is scheduled shortly before the holidays, a context in which wage mobilizations are less likely.

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