La nuit je mens, Dare Josephine, Vertige de l’amour… The titles of singer and musician Alain Bashung have made him an essential artist in the French musical landscape. A brilliant career that ended on March 14, 2009 at the age of 61. Since 2007, he had been suffering from lung cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. The artist left behind his wife, singer Chloé Mons, their daughter Poppée Bashung, born in 2001, and his first child, Arthur, born of his second union with Chantal Monterastelli.

Following his disappearance, several rumors about the legacy of Alain Bashung have emerged. His second wife claimed in The Sunday newspaper that the artist had disinherited their son. “The day after his father’s funeral, in March 2009, Arthur was shocked to receive the will: Alain had left all his copyrights, artistic benefices, property, furniture and personal effects to his widow. Concretely, until the death of his mother-in-law, who is not much older than him, Arthur will not be able to perceive anything”, she had declared to our colleagues and to add: “Arthur had nothing. memory. It’s very violent to take”. The latter has also sued the last wife of his father. A lawsuit he ultimately lost.

At the same time, Chloé Mons was accused of having taken over the fortune of her late husband, to the detriment of the son Arthur. In the columns of Le Parisien, she refuted the accusations of her detractors. “Alain did not disinherit anyone. This assertion was false and hurt me as well as Poppea. What about these people? It’s their problem, their fantasies. When you’re someone famous, like me, you’re immediately suspected of the worst, it’s part of the package”, she said and added: “We lived our love like a mini-tribe. We worked in pairs and in the world of show biz, that is not done This causes a lot of jealousy, hatred. I pay for all that. We lived it all the time with Alain and he protected me a lot”.