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The seville Morante de la Puebla, the peruvian Rock King and also seville Pablo Aguado make up the poster of the sixty-fourth edition of the traditional corrida Goyesca de Ronda (Malaga), in which the 29th of August, wrestle bulls of the livestock of the Núñez del Cuvillo.

Francisco Rivera Ordóñez “Paquirri”, entrepreneur of the coso, has presented this Tuesday the sign of the Goyesca, which will be held from six in the evening with the healthcare regulations of mandatory compliance, reports Efe.

The morning of August 29 there will be a novillada without horses in it which will make the paseíllo Moli Round, Ignacio Candela and Pablo Maldonado, who wrestle a running of the bulls of the livestock of Peppermint.

The seating capacity of the plaza of the Round will be reduced and will remain, a total of 2.000 spectators that will be able to enjoy this traditional feast, in which, in addition, they will sell the seats alternate, will take the temperatures at the inlet and the opening of the doors will be two hours in advance.

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