resim 724
resim 724

(Edmonton) Brett Lauther scored three field goals as the Saskatchewan Roughriders opened their Canadian Football League regular season with an unlikely 17-13 win over the Edmonton Elks on Sunday.

The Roughriders defense proved huge late in the fourth quarter with a goal-line position that stopped the Elks on three attempts with one yard to go.

The home curse continues for the Elks, who have lost 18 straight home games.

The Riders got off to a great start in the competition as quarterback Trevor Harris threw to receiver Derel Walker for a four-yard touchdown six minutes into the first quarter.

The Elks responded with a 17-yard field goal from Dean Faithfull.

The Elks took the lead on a big play to start the second quarter as quarterback Taylor Cornelius fed in to star receiver Eugene Lewis, who scored for a 102-yard touchdown.

Saskatchewan tied the game on a 13-yard field goal from Lauther.

The Roughriders had a great opportunity to start the third quarter after a 62-yard punt return from Mario Alford, but settled for just one point on a 33-yard kickoff miss by Lauther.

The Elks took a 13-11 lead on possession thanks to a 43-yard kick from Faithfull.

Another long play by the Riders eventually fizzled out with just over three minutes left in the third quarter as they were forced to settle for an 11-yard field goal from Lauther.

Lauther had another 46 yards early in the fourth quarter after Rolan Milligan Jr. of the Roughriders beat Cornelius on the 42-yard line.