Inflation affects everyone. Over one year, “consumer prices increased by 5.2% after 4.8%”, specifies INSEE. This is the first time since 1985 that this price index has reached such a rate. If this situation greatly disrupts the consumption habits of the French, they will have to get used to it. The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, believes that this economic situation could last for many more months, to reach an “inflation peak by” the end of 2023 “.

Here is the list of products that saw the biggest increase in price between May 2021 and May 2022, as reported by 60 million consumers, based on data from NielsenIQ:

With regard to the latter product, this is explained by an increase in the price of the raw material: paper pulp. In one year, they have increased by 50%, explains Paul-Antoine Lacour, general delegate of the French Union of cardboard, paper and cellulose industries (Copacel) with 60 million consumers. A situation largely caused by the war in Ukraine.

Making paper pulp requires two raw materials: wood bark chips and gas and electricity. Indeed, energy “represents 30% of the product”, estimates Paul-Antoine Lacour.

The situation in Ukraine could therefore lead to a situation of shortage, in particular in the event of an embargo on Russian gas. “For lack of sufficient energy, the factories should then stop producing”, warns Paul-Antoine Lacour. In this case, France could lack several products made from paper pulp which you can find in the slideshow below .