Homosexuality is not a disease – Germany prohibits therapies against homosexuality, in part,”conversion therapies” in Germany in the case of Minors will be completely prohibited – in the case of Full age under certain circumstances. Switzerland is not yet quite so far. 0 comment same-sex love is not a disease and must be treated therefore.Photo Walter Bieri/Keystone

After the German Bundestag has offered on Friday, the Bundesrat (chamber of States) a corresponding law to ban therapy for the alleged cure of homosexuality – the so-called conversion treatments – agreed to. In force, it should occur after the promulgation in the Federal law Gazette. Because there is no fixed time could pass until then, a few weeks.

The regulation stipulates that up to the age of 18 years, methods for Modification or suppression of the sexual orientation shall be prohibited. Penalties even if the Affected are of full age, but to be moved by force, threat, or deception of such a “Umpolungs”-measure were.

In defiance of the ban, jail or a money penalty of up to one year. In addition, it is said, in the future, the advertising of “conversion therapies” below.

The German Minister of health, Jens Spahn, himself gay, had the operation a year ago, pushed. “Homosexuality is not a disease,” he had said again and again. By conversion therapies and heavy body arising often physical and emotional suffering. The alleged therapy do ill, and not healthy.

In Switzerland, the ban is not yet explicitly

In Switzerland is banned conversion therapy only implicitly, by homosexuality should not be considered as a disease. 21. June 2019 was submitted by Rosmarie Quadranti (BDP) and Angelo Barrile (SP) a Motion in the national Council tasked the Federal Council to ban conversion therapies to change the sexual orientation of children and young people. Thus, the urgently necessary protection against arbitrary and harmful “therapeutic measures should be ensured”.

(SDA /aru)

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