The highest annual income – Osaka earned as much as no athlete zuvorDie Japanese earned in the last year, 37.4 million dollars, breaking the record set by Maria Sharapova. With Serena Williams, the number two of the best Verdi women a tennis player.Etienne Sticher0 comment Naomi Osaka earned in the last year, 37.4 million dollars, a new record. It is the highest year earnings to an athlete.KEYSTONE/Frank Frankl indie 22-Year-old is currently on the tenth place in the WTA world rankings.KEYSTONE/Dave HuntIhren the first title won by the Japanese in 2018 in Indian Wells.KEYSTONE/Mark J. TerrillIm the same year, she won the first Grand Slam title. In the Final of the US Open, she won against the clear favourite Serena Williams.KEYSTONE/Adam HungerDie 38-Year-old was in the last four years, the best-paid athlete, but had to be in 2019, despite a new record of $ 36 million, Osaka is defeated.KEYSTONE/Lee Jin-man1 / 5

37.4 million Dollar Naomi Osaka earned in the year 2019. More than ever, an athlete in front of her. The 22-year-old Japanese woman breaks set a new record of 29.7 million, the Maria Sharapova 2014. The Russian resigned in February. In the four years before Serena Williams, earned on the most. And in 2019 it is located 36 million in second place.

It is not the first Time, the defeated Osaka Williams. In her first Grand Slam victory in 2018, the then-20-Year-old won the US Open against the house-high favourite from the USA. It was the first Grand Slam title of a Japanese. With the victory, she was able to shoot for the first time in the Top Ten in the world rankings to advance, where she’s been ever since. In the meantime, they also ranked first.

With their earnings to make it to both Osaka (rank 29), as well as Williams (33) in the Forbes list of 100 highest-paid athletes, which will be published shortly. It is the first Time in 2016, that there are two women in the Top 100. Then, two tennis module with Williams (40) and Sharapova (80) also to learning the game inside the best-paid sports.

equal pay in Tennis

tennis game inside the Top-100 list of highest-paid women dominate for years and are also the only ones that can compete with the men. That is, of all things, most Tennis for women in the lucrative, amazed little. In the case of the Grand Slam tournaments, the prize money for men and women. And the ratings are similar. For sponsors of women’s tennis is not any less attractive than men’s tennis. At the last US Open, the women were able to attract even slightly more viewers than the men.

it also Osaka benefited. 2019 your end of the contract with the equipment supplier Adidas. The German sporting goods manufacturer wanted to keep the Japanese, but the major competitor for Nike, was also interested. At the end of Osaka decided to go for Nike and earned in the last year, estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

As one of the few Nike athletes in Osaka allowed to wear other sponsors ‘ logos on their clothes. These exceptional Nike makes it quite rare. Even Tennis greats such as Williams, or Andre Agassi this is not allowed. Osaka benefited in their negotiations but that the career of Williams, Nikes flagship in women’s tennis, comes to an end. Therefore, you could reach for the exception, which brings her more money.

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