“Organised hatred” – Trumps choice, fighters advertise with Nazi Symbol – Facebook reichtsDas the election campaign Team of the US President’s voice catch with an inverted red triangle, which was once used by the Nazis for the identification of political prisoners. Now Facebook has pulled the hand brake.2 Kommentare2Macht mood against anti-fascism: Donald Trump.Photo: Keystone

“they will destroy our cities and rampage – it is absolute madness,” wrote the US President Donald Trump in an ad that his campaign team since the beginning of June on Facebook advertising the drum for his re-election stirred. Now Facebook has deleted the Ads.

According to U.S. media, Facebook is relying on breaches of the company internal policy against Hate Speech. In the promotional Posts had made Trumps choice in a fighter mood, against the Antifa and “dangerous Mobs of the radical Left” – illustrates the View with an upside down triangle were. The geometric figure is outlined in black, the inner surface red.

The “Washington Post” that the Nazis forced in the 1930s, Communists, social Democrats, Liberals and other opposition, a very similar Symbol. In the concentration the Emblem was used store later for political prisoners. “Our terms of use prohibit the use of a Symbol of a banned hate group for the identification of political prisoners, without a context, the condemnation of this Symbol or discussed,” stated Facebook spokesman Andy Stone told CNN.

source: Twitter/Media Matters

The figure was see in paid Ads from Trump himself, Vice-President Mike Pence and the Team Trump to. Faced with the criticism of the Trump Team convened on Thursday afternoon to the fact that the triangle was used by the Antifa themselves. In spite of this reasoning, the Posts were later deleted, obviously.

Even more Recently, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg in the criticism, not to be against a controversial Expression Trumps the procedure; staff had even its termination.

Twitter on the other hand had two Tweets from Trump with a warning, because he violated the prohibition of the glorification of violence on the platform. Trump responded by threatening to Social media with a available seal.


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