Here is the number of heat wave days that there will be in 10 major French cities in 20 years


It will get warmer ! France experienced three heat waves this summer. An intense drought phenomenon is also present throughout France, forcing the prefects to place their departments at the “crisis” level and to take measures to reduce its effects.

Especially since summer is not over: the month of September promises to be still hot and dry, with the risk of heat waves, according to La Chaîne Météo. In short, the favorite season of the French, according to a Statista study, has not been easy, and it is not about to get any better…

According to Météo France, the rise in temperatures in the country of the Gauls will continue at all costs. They should rise by 4°C more in scenarios without climate action to reduce CO² emissions, by 2100.

The future climate of France should even change well before the end of the century. From 2050, a higher mercury, from 0.6 to 1.3°C would be possible, and there would be fewer cold days in winter and above all, more heat waves in summer… And days of heat wave.

Indeed, the thermometer could eventually regularly show high figures… This is in any case what the company specializing in the assessment of climate risks, Calendar suggests. Their application also makes it possible to determine and anticipate the risks of this dangerous phenomenon at the local level.

In the slideshow below, Planet has listed, according to this tool, the number of days of heat waves that 10 major cities in France could experience in 2040. These are the most pessimistic forecasts that have been noted.