the Gaffer wants to put an end to his evil bekerreputatie, and relies on Sinan Bolat. The 31-year-old goalkeeper continues to be important, though, he continued, according to team-mate Refaelov to take a step back into the dressing room, ever since his encounter with the Lamkel Zé, and he is now a little more low-key. Bolat he explains. “You see, that Some of them had ever come of it. I am always positive with him. But I said to him: ” Stop please with your nonsense. Maybe, do you think it’s a good look, but it’s not. ’ At a certain point, it was too much. If you’re just getting switched off in Europe, < / I> (due to a silly red card of the Lamkel Zé, ed.) , you have to be disappointed. Even if only for a day or two, if you are pulled back and the smile you get less of it. However, this was not the case at all. So, I had to be that guy even at his position.”

This means Bolat is now a bit more low profile. “I don’t want it to seem like I’m always involved in that, if there are any problems, just because I am the only one with the guts it had to have something Better to say, in the face rather than behind his back. I’ve always been someone that the team went out to motivate or be told what it was. Now it’s up to the others. For the rest of that scene, with Some of them to close. He has a lot of qualities and I hope that he will continue to do well.”

Photos: Photo News and More on Some of Lamkel Zé Cultheld Lamkel Zé wins more hearts, the, at Antwerp, but Bölöni continues to be on the alert Lamkel Zé hands of the Club at the canvas, and won some more the second time hearts, of Antwerp, and Bolat sued for “insulting and molesterende actions in the European war, Lamkel Zé remains as A heart of Antwerp fends off Sinan Bolat, and Some of them Lamkel Zé, from a selection, after a fight during a training session