the Board of directors and the trade unions on The Line on Wednesday, after more than four hours of negotiations in the eat there is no agreement in the social and armed conflict in the Flemish periphery around brussels. According to the vakbondssecretaris Marcel Conters (GCPS) will be on Thursday continues to be discontinued, and the action may need to be extended to the region.

A large part of the drivers and the staff of the technical departments of The Line, six pitches of the Flemish region and the Brussels strike since Tuesday in protest against the problems in the process of planning and personnel administration. The drivers would be assigned to irregular work schedules, according to the trade unions, to the detriment of their family lives, and there is a question of a wrong calculation of the salary and benefits. In technical services, there is a concern about the failing organization.

“At the time of negotiations, the management board, no significant concession made in order to respond to our criticism of the scheduling, the payroll, and the availability of human resources (HR). The minimum of the proposals, which they did, and do not in any way guarantee that the situation is structurally improving. In addition to the new infrastructure, it is high time that The Line is once again going to be investing in its staff. The management is aware, apparently, is not how big the state is, in the case of employees,” said Conters.
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