New book tips – All normalDas to do first Time something exciting – and good stories, like the novels of Sunil, One or Thomas Meyer show.Stefan Busz0 comment looks a bit surreal, the new normal. In the book world, much to each other, what belongs together comes.zvg

All wanted to read the great novels, from Dostoevsky to Proust, and perhaps even to “Red and Black” by Stendal. Few have done it, in Shutdown mode we have not had even so much time it would take for the great reading, for me, it was just enough for a Thriller. Now, when again much of it is normal, are books announced in our reality play. You go there to the house. Eating in a Restaurant. Go to the hairdresser or optician. Train, and without a real goal. This is not to say that the new Normal is so harmless. Because perhaps a kidnapping takes place in the were the house just. Or if one comes with a different pair of glasses in a new life. An adventure, to read Walter Moers says.


“A seniors group enters, laughing and judging, chatting all the while the St. Annahof through the side entrance, the sticks and the reddened cheeks, the pensioners straight from a morning walk.” It was in Zurich in February, at that time, Sunil Mans new novel “The oath” came out. We believed that the history with human trafficking, drug trade, organ trafficking is exaggerated a bit. And see now, how crass is the place with the seniors in the Department store. Everywhere you look people are scurrying between the shelves. And no one has a fear of contact. Comes out but in the end quite well.

Sunil Man: The oath. Graphite, 320 S., CA. 19.90 Fr.

time to time in the shave

“I looked abermalig in the schpigl and presented with, how I would look with a trimmed bort. If that would be casual.” Motti, the young Orthodox Jew in Zurich, but must first buy a razor, so it’s not in his budget. And as he strokes, then, after shaving, over his almost bare cheeks, he feels already a bit of a urban. Such a transformation would make men, if they come out of quarantine. Also Motti will go his way and emancipate themselves. With new glasses. Other Hairstyle. New Clothes.

Thomas Meyer: clouds break wonderful journey in the arms of a shiksa. Diogenes, 288 PP., approx. 17.90 Fr.

Please Inoculant

The Fee for smaller requests responsible: dishwashers, for example. For requests concerning major events: revolutions, wars, Inoculant, and inventions, we must turn then to the chief. Max, who came up with the Fairy in a pub in contact, wishes that the Idiot of a boss will see once his idiocy. The desire will be fulfilled. Not but well. Sophie is him belting out later spits droplets in the face. Max would have to tackle the boss for Inoculants. Only one of the five stories of how life could be.

Jakob Arjouni. Idiots. Five Fairy Tales. Diogenes, 152 PP., approx. 15.90 Fr.

In the fully occupied train

you did what not to do: public TRANSPORT only travel with a tourist destination. The fifteen authors have a SBB day ticket solved, including Isolde Schaad. You are told how your character in the direction of Romandie drives, in the fully occupied train. “Where I went and for x-occasion anhog: Is this free, I came in occupied territory.” The tour ends in the desert shouting. But it is also better. We are EN route in the dining car, to Bellinzona, in the “driving compartment”, from Effretikon to Ilnau and back. A piece of nostalgia in Switzerland-trips.

In all the Land beautiful. Switzerland with the days card. Limmat Verlag, 204 p., out of print

save The world

“The Millennium began lousy. There was no Computerbug. There was no fucking disaster. The inhabitants of the Western world were looking forward to the fact that, according to the infinite barren 90s, finally something would happen.” When a book begins, as the novel “GRM” by Sibylle Berg, you need to read more just – even if this results in a highly unpleasant world in which a disaster has happened and even more is coming. Very helpful to get out of the mess: “Nerds save the world”. Ms. Berg speaks with people in the know.

Sibylle Berg: Nerds save the world. Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 336 p., approx. 34.90 Fr.

In the world of books “It is not a story for people with thin skin and weak nerves.” But it’s always like that when it comes to the world of books. We accompany Hilde favor of Mythenmetz to book grove, in the city of dreaming books, and it is, as that would open the door to a gigantic bookstore. Read here is still a real adventure. Who is afraid to fall in the children’s book Department. It is beautiful, if you Google for this book, appear to indicate that the bookstores are open again.

Walter Moers: The city of dreaming books. Penguin, 480 pages, approx. 41.90 Fr.

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