In the early 1960s, actress Marlène Jobert had a romance with director Claude Berri. It was not until ten years later that she met a dental surgeon named Walter Green. After their marriage, the couple become parents of twins named Eva and Joy. The first followed in her mother’s footsteps as she embarked on an acting career. Kingdom of Heaven, Casino Royale, Sin City: I killed for her, Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Children… The 42-year-old star has filmed many successful blockbusters.

His sister, Joy, on the other hand, is more discreet about his life. As revealed by Marlène Jobert during an interview at the Gala, Eva Green’s sister has never been interested in cinema. “They are very different. Joy would hate this job, but she has great admiration for her sister,” she said. Her daughters “love each other enormously, but do not always understand each other. One is an artist, her head in the clouds, the other is a Cartesian, she lives in Tuscany with her two sons, Giulio and Vittorio, and her husband who is at the head of a viticulture business,” said the 82-year-old actress.

For her part, Eva Green would have been in a relationship with a French actor named Yann Claassen before falling in love with comedian Marton Csokas on the set of the film Kingdom of Heaven. Of her type of men, the star told Public: “I like introverted men, you know, the ones you practically have to cook to get them to get a word out. I’m not against, either, a good dose of humility, discretion and femininity! I don’t care about her social background or her service record”.

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