the European Commissioner for employment and Social Affairs Marianne Thyssen (CD&V), and the proposed new chairman of the board of directors of the catholic university of Leuven, belgium. The board bore the Historical, for as the only candidate to replace Herman Daems. The writing in The Morning, and The News on Thursday.

The recommendation now goes to the board of trustees, where final approval will wait on the 7th of november. Since the Founding of the one and only candidate for the position, your decision is already made.

the Wi will be a function – it’s not going to have a full-time job from 1 June of the following year. Until then, Loor standing at the helm.

The board of directors is the governing and administrative body of the catholic university of Leuven, belgium. It sets the boundaries of the university and contributes to the legal responsibility. The Council consists of 25 members: the vice-chancellor, the three groepsvicerectoren, the managing director and two student directors, gives the board a place to meet, with eighteen external members of the board. Among these external members will sit down with Herman Van Rompuy, president, and Inge Vervotte, and two other prominent former CD&V) ministers.

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