Christian Quesada: the real causes of his reincarceration


After 22 days in prison, he finds freedom again. Indeed, Christian Quesada left the penitentiary center of Perpignan on Wednesday, October 19, according to information from Midi Libre. “The former star of game shows, and champion of the TF1 show Les 12 coups de midi, has finished serving the sanction decided at the end of September by the sentencing judge” indicated Jean-David Cavaillé, the prosecutor of the Republic of Perpignan, to the regional daily.

Sentenced in 2020 to three years in prison by the Bourg-en-Bresse criminal court for acts of corruption of minors and possession and dissemination of child pornography images, Christian Quesada finally obtained conditional release in March 2021, and chose to settle in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Since then, the 58-year-old man had a socio-judicial follow-up to respect in order to have the right to remain free. Not having respected this condition to which he was bound, he was again arrested and imprisoned. But it would seem that this is not the only cause of his reincarceration.

According to the Midi Libre, on October 6, Christian Quesada saw his detention extended by one month. Not only because of non-compliance with socio-judicial follow-up, but also because of his “lack of investment in his search for training and employment”, another important condition which allows the sentence enforcement judge to revoke his reprieve.

The former midday master will speak this Thursday, October 27 in a documentary dedicated to him, broadcast in prime time on C8. For the first time, the latter comes out of silence and has chosen to confide in the media lynching he is undergoing and to reveal his truth during a recorded interview. “He responds to all the accusations and all the testimonies. He responds to the facts”, announced the columnist of Touche not at my post Guillaume Genton with Puremedia.