now, as The U.s. maker of a meat substitute, Beyond Meat, has, in recent years, and for the first time, a quarterly achieved, helped along by a very strong increase in sales. This is reported of Beyond Meat, which released earlier this year, the New York stock exchange, went into an handelsbericht. The sales expectations for the full year is up.

net income came in at 4.1 million dollars. A year earlier, which was a loss of 9.3 million dollars. Chief executive, Ethan Brown, called it a significant milestone in the achievement of the first quarterly with Beyond Meat.

turnover jumped up to 92 million u.s. dollars, more than 26 million in the previous year. The company is selling more and more vleesvervangende products for large fast-food chains, including Subway, KFC and McDonald’s, and regular grocery stores. Beyond Meat was in, for example, production, development and exploration, as well as marketing and sales.

The company is out of California and now counts for the whole of this year on revenues of 265 million to $ 275 million. Rather, it was based on more than 240 million u.s. dollars.

Beyond Meat’s turnover in may was the most successful ipo in 2008. The company had a market capitalisation of 3.8 billion dollars on it.

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