False police summons, impersonation of a loved one in distress, fraudulent contests… The scammers redouble their imagination to extract personal information or money from you. So much so that they regularly pass themselves off as official organizations in order to inspire confidence in you! Perhaps you have recently received an email from Health Insurance, notifying you that your “My health space” service has been activated. Rest assured: this is not a scam attempt but a communication from Social Security.

“My health space” is the digital health record intended to replace the Shared Medical Record, launched in early 2022 by the government, as highlighted by the actu.fr site. This service stores all of your important documents: prescriptions, analyses, certificates, X-rays… And allows you to communicate with healthcare professionals using secure messaging.

In this sense, the Health Insurance has therefore sent you an email or a postal letter offering you to activate your profile or refuse its creation within six weeks. Without action on your part, your health space will be automatically created. “Health Insurance informs the people concerned as they go, by sending an e-mail 48 hours after the automatic opening of their profile”, specifies actu.fr. Note: the creation of the service concerns all policyholders, regardless of their health insurance plan. It therefore concerns students, employees, farmers, self-employed workers, etc.