It costs more and more. On average, the amount of tax that French men and women who own their homes has increased throughout France in 2021. Of course, some departments have not been confronted with the increase in property tax. And yet, overall, it jumped 2.8% compared to the previous year, informs the General Directorate of Public Finances, which has just published its latest bulletin on local taxation. It is entitled, informs BFMTV on its site, “Local taxes for individuals in 2021”. It is also accessible by following this link.

According to the organization, French people affected by property tax pay 849 euros per year, on average, in 2021. Of course, this amount varies considerably depending on the type of property they happen to own. Those who own an apartment pay less, on average, than their counterparts who have opted for a house. In the first case, the average amount to be paid climbs to 760 euros, which represents an increase of 1.7% over one year. For houses, the average ceiling rises to 932 euros and increases in total by 2.6%.

It is not because the housing tax has been abolished that we no longer pay it, recently explained the economist Philippe Crevel in our columns. And the owners know something about it!

“The temptation is very strong, on the side of local authorities and municipalities formerly beneficiaries of the housing tax, to weigh this abolition on the property tax and the other taxes that they can modulate. These are, in fact, the fiscal instruments they have left. The property tax, which rests on the owners, theoretically weighs on 57% of French women and men. Statistically, they make up a rather well-to-do category of the population, or belonging to the upper middle class. These are the people who fear the increase in the property tax, even though the latter will probably be integrated into the rent”, he explained in effect.

To pay less, a radical solution can be considered: move! In a number of departments, the amount to be paid is considerably lower. The list in our slideshow below.