A seat for children, well-thought-out compartments… Supermarket trolleys are tailor-made to make your daily shopping easier. Did you know that the small metal loop on the client side also had a function of its own?

As Health reveals, these hooks are a big help when you’re stocking up on groceries. “These half-loops can simply allow you to hang your bags filled with articles, bulky objects or even a purse for example”, explains the magazine.

In addition, the metal buckles can allow you to set aside shopping carried out in another business, or even the most fragile articles, to be deposited first on the conveyor belt of the checkout.

Storing your shopping cart is an art. Naturally, the heaviest items should be placed first so as not to damage anything: bottles, cat litter, household products, etc. will be placed at the bottom of the trolley.

Just above, we will take care to store the packages that are likely to suffer the least damage such as glass jars, cans, refrigerated products stored in cardboard packaging…

Finally, at the top of your shopping trolley, or in a separate bag hung on the metal loop, place the most fragile products: fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread… That’s it!