Fifteen journalists went on Wednesday and protective suits, to be one of the most radioactive places in the world to see Reactor 4 in the Ukraine Pripjat. 33 years ago triggered a series of explosions at the fourth reactor, the worst nuclear accident in history. In september, tourists can apply for the ghostly, ruined room and into our room.Just like you have the series of lines”, it sounds, and this is proved by the images above.

On april 26, 1986, the unthinkable happened when there was no radioactive material escaped, and after a series of explosions at the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The area around the plant was evacuated, but it did with the toxic gas cloud to spread in the region, as well as in neighbouring countries.

now, Eight million people were exposed to high radiation, and 31 people died in the incident, and the many thousands of people are suffering since of illnesses that may be linked to radioactive contamination.

now, 33 years later, is a ‘Reactor 4’ is still very much radioactive, and the radiation level is 40,000 times higher than in the wild. In each square millimeter in the control panel is also coated with a special adhesive, which makes the dust particles, the risk does not have to occur.

However, the tourists started in september with the admission of part of the irradiated control room to visit. There is also a tour guide at the hands of the Chernobyl Exclusive Zone, which is a Wednesday, it was presented to the press in the unique and dangerous environment.

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