Is it a miracle, a crazy idea, or just the story of a guy who likes to talk about himself? It’s probably a bit of all that.

So this is it. By now, you probably know that Aaron Rodgers may finally return to the game this season. That’s just 11 weeks after Achilles surgery, the kind of thing that usually ends seasons.

But not here, and Robert Saleh, the Jets coach who seems to have all the authority of a manager at an all-you-can-eat-style buffet on the North Shore, has already explained that Rodgers is going to play when he was going to decide that.

This is all absolutely fascinating. We’re going to skip over the reasons for this miracle healing, because Rodgers is no stranger to strangeness, but we’re going to remind that the return of the divine quarterback could occur on December 24, which would obviously be a perfect date, because the jokes will write themselves.

It would be even better if the Jets had a chance, but with a 4-7 record, including four straight losses, the Jets are still the Jets. By the way, did everyone see that desperation pass the other day at the end of the half, intercepted and returned for a touchdown by Jevon Holland of the Dolphins? Top-notch humor, and a game almost as funny as the time a Jets quarterback dropped the ball after hitting his head on a teammate’s pussy.

The Jets are right to hope for the return of Rodgers, because Zach Wilson doesn’t deserve to be able to throw another pass for the rest of his life. We remind you that the Jets chose this brilliant young man with the second pick in the 2021 draft. A big mistake, since Wilson looks like a villain in Karate Kid, not a quarterback in the NFL.

In the meantime, thinking that Aaron Rodgers will save the Jets season is magical thinking.

Also, remember Joe Flacco? Me neither, but it appears that this elite quarterback is now the best option for the Cleveland Browns, who have chosen to send him into the fray in their next game, Sunday at the Rams.

Flacco, moreover, was seen with the Jets last season, which could have put him off football forever and pushed him to move to another continent, but no, here he is asking for more.

With a 7-4 record, the Browns are still in the picture of respectability, but the injury to starter Deshaun Watson has somewhat spoiled their ideas of greatness. In this regard, the hiring of Flacco illustrates very well their level of desperation at the moment. Flacco, by the way, averaged 5.5 yards per pass last season with the Jets, the worst of his career.

We wish him good luck.

Aside from that, we probably expected seasons of misery for clubs like the Cards or the Panthers, but what about the Patriots, who are languishing in the depths of shame with their 2-9 record?

No, it’s not nice to rejoice in the misfortune of others, but it’s still tasty to see the long face of Bill Belichick every Sunday, because it’s the same coach who, not long ago, didn’t did not hesitate to continue trick plays when his club had leads of 40 points in the fourth quarter. Without handsome Tom, it’s suddenly less easy.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, of course, but once reheated in the microwave, it’s still not bad.

Will he play quality oval ball at the end of the week? The answer is yes, and on this subject, we already advise you to put the beer and the wings in the fridge. Broccoli too, to clear your conscience.

No need to look long to find THE match of the weekend: the 49ers will be in Philadelphia at the end of the day on Sunday, in a clash of the titans which could determine the rest of things in this conference.

Also, the Falcons will be in New York, a game during which our Matthew Bergeron will appear with shoes in support of Football Québec!

Finally, Sunday evening, the Chiefs will be at the Packers in Green Bay. We advise Taylor Swift to bring mittens.