A media idyll that began behind the scenes. In 1998, Patrick Fiori was at the height of his career thanks to Notre-Dame de Paris. Taking on the role of Phoebus in the famous musical comedy created by Luc Plamondon, the Corsican singer played the role of Julie Zenatti who played Fleur de Lys.

From their meeting on stage, Patrick Fiori and Julie Zenatti began a relationship that made their fans happy in the 2000s. The former representative of France at Eurovision participated in the success of his companion by writing her the tube If I get out of it then his second album In the eyes of another. In return, the famous artist also wrote several songs for her.

Carried by this mutual love, Patrick Fiori asked his sweet companion in marriage. While the two artists lived a beautiful romance, they broke off their engagement in the middle of the decade. A break that deeply marked the singer Julie Zenatti.

“We had been together for seven years. I worked with the person next to whom I lived. This is the first time that I do not look myself in the eyes of another when I make a record”, confided the singer in Le Parisien, for the release of her opus, Pandora’s box in 2007. After their separation, the ex-fiancés reconnected with the scene in the 2010s for the return of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Twenty years later, the ex-girlfriend of Patrick Fiori is still grateful for this incredible success. “It’s a source of pride,” she assures Closer. “The enthusiasm generated by the popular success of ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ was phenomenal. What a joy to start my career like this!”. However, the magazine did not fail to mention his past relationship with the famous coach of The Voice Kid s. “Only Closer remembers it!”, quipped the ex-finalist of Mask Singer before concluding. “We are both very happy, that’s the main thing.”

As proof, Julie Zenatti now shares the life of actor and producer Benjamin Bellecour. Parents of a daughter named Ava, born in 2011, the couple married in Paris in February 2016. The following year, their family grew with the birth of their second child, a boy named Elias.

As for Patrick Fiori, the singer had a long history with a former Miss Rhône-Alpes, Ariane Quatrefages. Married in 2008 and parents of two children, Sevan and Gabin, they have lived a long history. But, according to Voici, their story would be a thing of the past since the artist ended 14 years of marriage by separating from his wife last spring.