From 1993 to 2021, comedian José Garcia, star of the saga The truth if I lie, was married to Isabelle Doval. The lovers had two daughters named Laurène and Thelma. After 28 years of living together, the couple announced their separation via a press release published on social networks. “After twenty-eight years together, Isabelle Doval and José Garcia have decided to separate. They wish to protect their friendship in the same way that they protected their love”, could we read.

The latter is not unknown to cinema, quite the contrary. From 1994, she shot in a dozen films before moving behind the camera in 2003 by directing the feature film Rire et Châtiment in which she also plays the role of her husband. “The work on the bond, on not throwing things away like that, on a whim. It is essential for us. It also resonates with friendship, with children, with education… The fact to never give up. To have trials, but to overcome them. Loyalty, honesty live in us both. What also matters is not to be in admiration, because the person who admires necessarily puts in halftone compared to the other. We have values ​​​​of equality”, she had declared to Gala in 2013.

Since their separation, José Garcia has found love in the arms of a pretty brunette. The couple has also formalized their relationship on the red carpet of the Dinard British Film Festival, September 29, 2022. Planet invites you to discover them in our slideshow.