Voted energy check: who will be entitled to this exceptional boost?


It’s official. On November 23, 2022, the National Assembly gave the green light for the amending finance bill for 2022. The latter contains an anti-inflation extension of 2.5 billion euros, containing, among other things, the distribution of an exceptional energy check to no less than 12 million French households. Its amount varies according to the income of the beneficiaries.

According to information from Capital, the total cost of the measure is estimated at 1.8 billion euros. Who will be entitled to this boost by the end of the year? Check out all of the categories of eligible people in our slideshow below.

A device that comes in addition to the classic energy check, distributed each year in the spring to the most modest households. Indeed, this aid is subject to income conditions and allocated according to the reference tax income per consumption unit.

“To benefit from it, a single person must prove an RFR of less than 10,800 euros in 2022. It is this unit of measurement that the government has chosen for the distribution of its fuel oil check and which will be used for the distribution of this new energy check”, specify our colleagues.

In addition to the exceptional energy check, there are several financial measures between now and the end of the year. Here are a few :